Sunday, June 12, 2011


Me and my brother went exploring and found this wearhouse, its sooooo creepy but mad! Putting up lots of posts up at once, everyone says to update blogs regularly but not allowed to use the internet at the moment, living with uncle number 2 and he wants his kids and me and my brother to live a while without technollogy.

My uncles place is so cool :) staying with him is a proper holiday, nothing but good food, lots of sleep, swimming, tv and internet :) gonna go visit him soon today, go for a lovely swim in the lake, can't wait!

Short short short

Back in Lithuania, out about by my uncles house. My brother took the pictures so was a bit rushed, he only wants me to take pictures of him :P haha, this is by a basketball court which has been turned into a bus parking area, oh Lithuania.