Thursday, September 29, 2011

Curly and Pearly

What’s up my peeps?

 Discovered one can get awesome hair from wearing your hair in a high tight chignon all day. So au natural! And that is exhactly what I am looking for because my hair can not take any more abuse from hot styling tools! Also, last time thanks to a really akward hair curler, my face and neck got some abuse too, I’ve got burns galore, not cool!

 Currently, impatiently, awaiting to find out if I can still go to France on Erasmus this year, technically speaking it is way too late but if any of the French universities are still willing to take me on I would die from happiness, and also terror because going to a country on my own where I barely speak the language is no mean feat. Anyway, it’s Thursday and a day of study awaits in case I am stuck here for the year. Tout a l’heure!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Friday (day and then) Night!

This is what I wore Friday, for the day and then going out aswell, sorry for being moody on my night out also people, I don't know what came over me!! Otherwise I'm having a lovely Sunday, just after watching Funny Face and having some lovely ice cream dessert.

On My Mind: Being brave, why is it so hard sometimes to ask for the smallest thing because you fear the word no so much?

Plans: Hmmm... not sure. College tomorow!! Can't wait to stick my head in the books again, man I'm such a dork!!